A Complete Guide to Purchasing Chemicals

Knowing which chemicals to buy and where to purchase can be a confusing part to prepare your science project. This guide will help you navigate some of the challenges.

Chemical Grades

Mostly, but not all, chemicals are labeled with a grade. Grades show how pure the chemical is. The greater the quantity of other chemicals, metals, water, or other impurities in the chemical, the lower the grade. There are many different assessment standards, but the three of them you are most likely encounter are: reagent grade, laboratory grade, and technical grade.

Of these, the reagent grade is the pure and technical grade is the purest. Manufacturing pure chemicals can take time and can be expensive; For this reason, high-level chemicals cost more than low level chemicals. For the purposes of most science exhibition projects, laboratory or technical chemicals have sufficient purity. There are two ways you can buy chemicals for your laboratory or industrial use.  Chemicals can be found online as well as on your local chemical stores. If you check online, you can find high-quality chemical and reagents for sale on Camachem.

Local Resources for Purchasing Common Chemicals

Some chemicals have common household uses either in beauty and hygiene, laundry and cleaning, building maintenance, or gardening. These chemicals can be bought from local stores rather than ordered from specialty companies. The Chemical Table lists a variety of common chemicals and what you need to know to purchase them locally.

Buy Chemicals Online

If you need chemicals for your Science Fair project that cannot be purchased locally, you must buy it from a chemical supply company. As mentioned above, you can find various certified chemical suppliers online through their websites.