Alcohol Intervention Among College Students

When talking about alcohol intervention programs and what they mean, it doesn't always occur to someone to join high school students. One could argue that they were too naive to understand such an important topic. However, it is becoming increasingly common for students to overeat. Alcohol intervention programs are now becoming more important in universities across the country. You can also learn more about alcohol intervention at 

Most colleges and universities in the United States have alcohol policies, which usually include some form of compulsory alcohol education or counseling if a student violates them. There is currently evidence across the country that these alcohol intervention classes have a positive impact on college students and their drinking habits. Because of this positive effect, specialists are considering directing incoming freshmen to a brief alcohol intervention by mail or email.

Research shows that alcohol interventions with personalized feedback can be used to reduce alcohol consumption in high drinking students. These new programs, including "BASICS" (Short Screen on Alcohol and Student Intervention), are becoming increasingly popular because of their simple yet effective structure. It is intended for students who drink heavily and have experienced alcohol-related problems or are at risk.

While there is no substitute for serious alcohol intervention, this program helps students begin recovery before actual alcohol intervention is needed. Taking these steps before they become a serious problem seems to help students with alcohol-related problems in the future. Short-term interventions can be effective in reducing alcohol consumption in high school students, and the methods used for these interventions – including email, the internet, and direct mail – appear to be working with the younger generation.