All About Flash Memory Camcorder

This review of flash memory camcorders is for you. They will also be compared with hard disk drive camcorders, which can often have a larger memory capacity.

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Let's first take a look at 3 things you should remember when purchasing a flash memory camera.

1. Take a look at how much memory you'll need.

For example, 32GB can record full HD 1920×1080 at 60 frames per minute progressive for approximately 2/3 hours at high bit rates. You can record for longer periods of time at lower bitrates or lower frame rates.

2. You should look for SD cards and internal memory slots.

Some camcorders only have an SD card slot and no memory built-in. This will reduce your storage capacity to one card slot. This will mean that you can only use 64GB of cards. You can expand the memory by adding both slot and internal storage.

Some HD camcorders include dual or multiple card slots, as well as an inbuilt flash memory. These cards allow you to record from one card to another without losing a frame.

3. Compare price

Take a look at the prices of the different versions of the camcorder that you are interested in. Why? The most important difference is the amount of memory. There might be two or three models with identical specifications, but different memory. Compare the memory and price.

Flash memory should be purchased in class 10, which is fast enough to support video recording. While slower flashcards are fine for digital cameras, they will not be fast enough to record video.