All About Peripheral Vascular Disease Specialist

Peripheral arterial condition (PAD) is an atherosclerosis that affects the arteries of the legs. The condition can cause pain, ache, or numbness or pain in muscles of the legs when you climb stairs or walk. This is known as claudication. 

To assist you in making healthy lifestyle changes, we offer services such as cardiovascular diseases preventative and smoking quitting.

Dedicated and caring experts can assist you in losing weight, quit smoking, get active and reduce the blood pressure of your. Also track your progress, aid you get rid of symptoms like leg pain and you live a healthier lifestyle. You may contact to find the best peripheral vascular disease specialist.

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Physicians may recommend medication which improve blood flow, manage symptoms, and slow down the development of peripheral arterial disease.

The thin and flexible tubing known as catheter is inserted into an artery and then is then dragged to the narrowed artery. The contrast dye is administered into the catheter to detect any obstructions. 

Your doctor will decide on the best approach for you depending on your medical condition, anatomy, and the dimensions and form of your blood vessels. And your treatment with the aim of providing you with the most effective outcome possible with the least risk of complications and the fastest recovery.