All You Need To Know About Photographing Your Newborn

 During the first month, your child sleeps up to 16 hours a day. Imagine, the most adorable and beautiful subjects on earth will remain for you – up to 16 hours a day for 30 days – until you get the perfect portrait. I think even the highest-paid model will have difficulty doing it and will, in all probabilities, throw a tantrum after a day. You can hire the newborn photographer in Brooklyn at

Your baby will give you time to set up your camera, focus and to take pictures. He will be patient with you until you do it right. He will even give you an angel smile when you grope with your camera control. And what do you know? The only requirement is that you make it comfortable and dry and fed well all the time.

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 These tips assume that you have the basic knowledge to operate your camera. If not, try and read the camera manual again.

1. After feeding your newborn baby and you are sure that he feels comfortable, taking it out of his bed and put it on the table with a soft and plain blanket. White will be perfect. But if you can't find a white cloth, any pastel color will be a good alternative. Put your child on the table, not inside the box, it will allow you to move and give you a different perspective to shoot. It will also be good for your back.

2. Place this table next to the large window so you don't need to use the default flash of your camera. What I say doesn't use the default flash of your camera if you want a beautiful light.

3. If you have a large woven basket or a large bowl lying at home, you can also put your newborn baby there.

4. You want to focus on your child, so don't place objects or toys beside your child that will distract viewers from him.