An Orientation to Laboratory Safety

Laboratories can be very dangerous places if safe practices are not always followed. Safe practices and a focus on laboratory safety are important for every employee working in a laboratory. Without strict ethical safety practices, the laboratory can be a lethal environment.

Although many people like to cut corners at work, the consequences of taking action can be serious, especially when doing hazardous work such as a laboratory. You may get online lab safety training at

Failure to observe the rules for working safely could result in death or serious injury. Safety procedures have been established for a reason and must be followed.

It is important for employees to learn laboratory safety rules. There is a lot to understand about working safely in a laboratory. Courses to help one become familiar with safety procedures are very important. A safety officer or instructor can help you learn basic health and safety skills.

Course materials may include: Material Safety Data Sheets, Chemical Sanitation Plans, Biologically Infectious Materials, RCRA, and TOSCA. – Lock-out / tag-out. – respiratory protection. – Fire protection. – First aid kit and DAC. While you can learn more about workplace safety, the ultimate responsibility rests with you. As an employee, it is your responsibility to protect yourself from harm.

All experiments must be carefully planned in advance and suitable eye protection must be worn. Suitable protective clothing should always be worn in the workplace. All materials must be assembled properly with safety in mind. Always consider eye safety first. If the eyes are not properly protected, a person can become blind by accident.