Basic Inspection Checklist to Inspect Used Car in Jeddah

Buying a car, whether used or new, is always a special occasion in anyone's life. A good deal for buying a used car includes an inspection of the vehicle to ensure its running condition and drivability. This will protect you from any unexpected repair bills as well as situations such as being stranded in the middle of the road. You can also purchase used car in Jeddah via

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Here are some inspection checklist points:

Check for frame damage: When external accessories, such as an external CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) kit, are installed, frame damage is mostly caused in the car's body. The gas tank is bolted to the body and is mostly installed in the back trunk. 

This results in permanent holes in the body, which can be extremely dangerous. These holes could allow poisonous smoke from under the body exhaust to enter the vehicle. 

Also, open the hood and inspect the area between the front fenders and the top of the radiator. This should be bolted into place on either side and should never be welded.

Check all the lights and tires: The next basic checkpoint is to inspect the exterior of the used car at home before purchasing it. This includes inspecting all of the vehicle's lights, including the headlamps, tail lamps, third brake lamps, and fog lamps.

When inspected carefully, tires usually reveal the entire picture of a car's history. Check that all of the tires are the same size. Tire tread wear and tear should be even across the width of the tire and on both sides of the vehicle.