Buying Of Psilocybe Cubensis Spores Is Legal?

Cubensis Spore or Magic Sponge is a type of psychedelic sponge with psilocybin and psilocin as its two active ingredients. Known by another name, Stropharia cubensis, this species was discovered by the botanist F.S. Earl in Cuba and is considered the most beautiful of all psilocybes.

Golden teacher psilocybe cubensis in British Columbia have been used since ancient times and are still used throughout the world. It is used for a number of therapeutic and recreational purposes due to its psychedelic effects.

Purchasing Psilocybe Cubensis spores is only legal in countries where government agencies allow licensed and certified online stores to sell spores for limited use by residents of the same country. There are several countries in the world where possession, sale, transport, and cultivation of Psilocybe Cubensis spores are illegal because they contain the List I drugs psilocin and psilocybin.

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In addition, this drug has a great potential for abuse. Just because of the presence of psychedelic compounds and their hallucinogenic effects, psilocybin mushrooms are not regulated by UN treaties.

They say that the effects of mushrooms are subjective, but may vary depending on the intended use. Interestingly, psychedelic mushrooms have the ability to alter the perception of time, and their visible and immediate effects can last from 3 to 8 hours.

Some of the most well-known effects of mushrooms on humans can be seen in the aural, visual, and tactical senses. In addition, other changes can be seen from increased colour contrast, halos around light sources, increased visual acuity, bumpy surfaces, and objects that appear to glow or breathe.