For Increased Efficiency, Repair Your Air Conditioner

As energy costs rise and older HVAC units perform less efficiently, people can be hit with double the heating and cooling bills. An unmaintained air conditioner may work half as efficiently as a properly designed unit. 

Heating bills are rising and many cities have adopted a graduated billing system that charges more for each extra unit. You can improve HVAC efficiency as a homeowner, but you will need the assistance of an air conditioning company for Burlington hvac maintenance

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Although the theory of cooling is simple, it can be difficult to adjust your HVAC system yourself, as HVAC equipment becomes more digitalized. Many specialized tools are often needed to diagnose cooling problems even for HVAC technicians who are highly trained.

There are a few steps that must be followed for any service. The technician first cleans the coils. Next, he or she checks the refrigerant level. All moving parts must be inspected and lubricated. The system shouldn't need to be filled. It should not lose pressure if it has the right sealant, but refrigerant fill-ups are still common.

Central air systems use the same ductwork for both the heater and the air conditioner. To reduce your air conditioner bills, you need a damper that separates the heating and cooling systems. Dampers that are missing can cause heat or cool to be wasted and lead to huge energy losses.