How Titanium Welding Made Your Work Easy

Titanium is a chemical element well-known for its strength, low density, and resistance to corrosion. The problem of joining titanium pieces together for years has been a puzzle. However, in all the solutions, titanium welding was the most successful.

However, welding titanium requires a level of complexity that is more difficult to understand for the average consumer. This shouldn't be a problem, as there are many skilled welders around the world who can handle the technical aspects of the process. You can explore more about efficient titanium welding services at

titanium welding services

However, a layman will find it helpful to have some basic knowledge about titanium welding, especially when it comes to prepping the titanium for the actual welding process. Experts believe that the preparation of the titanium material is key to successful welding. 

Experts claim that 70% of the process involves preparation. Only 30% is involved in actual welding. The success of welding is dependent on the quality of the material. Chemical cleaning is required. The material must be cleaned of all airborne contaminants, oils, grease, dirt, and oxides. Natural oils from the skin of people must also be removed.

This is why titanium welding is very similar to aluminum welding. Cleanliness is key in the second type of welding. The air surrounding the titanium weld is another aspect of preparation. The oxygen in the air must be kept out of the titanium weld's heat zone (heat affected zone) during welding. A confined area for welding might be helpful, in addition to pure argon.