How To Buy A Watch Strap

You can almost make your watch feel like a collectible with a few different strap options. But there are so many styles, materials, and other factors to consider that buying a new bracelet can be a confusing proposition. Therefore, before making a purchase, consider the following questions:

What activities will you do with this watch?

There is the question of dressy or casual, of course, but there are physical considerations for your watch strap (In Norwegian language “klokkereim”) as well: For instance, dive watches that you plan to wear in the water need an appropriate strap. Metal bracelets, rubber, nylon, etc. are all fine for this, but no leather. The same is generally true for sweaty activities.

kjpe klokkerem

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Climate and weather might also be an issue, as some materials and strap types are specially designed to be breathable.       

What size strap does your watch/wrist need?

This is very important, but it is two parts, width, and length.

The first is the width. You will need to know the measurement in millimeters between the ears of your watch – the part of the watch where the strap is attached. 18mm, 20mm or 22mm is standard on most men's watches – although odd numbers like 19mm can be found on some vintage watches and giant Panerai or similar 24mm or 26mm ear widths can be found.

Then think about the length of the rope. You'll want to know the diameter of your wrist – or you can measure the tape you already have that fits you.