Interesting Facts About Recycling That You Should Know

Everyone talks about making positive environmental changes. While the government makes every effort to protect the environment, we all have to make positive changes to reduce pollution. Lack of recycling is another major source of pollution.

In countries where waste production exceeds the number of tonnes, recycling is an important step. This waste is not meant to be thrown away. This waste is our fault. It's high time we admit our errors and take the necessary steps to improve the environment. You can get the best transformer oil scrapping for your industry.

Comparing the current situation in the UK to other European countries, we can see that Switzerland recycles 52%. This helps them maintain a clean environment. Do you want to learn more? These are 10 fascinating facts about recycling you didn't know.


1. Recycle 1 aluminum can to save energy

You might be wondering how much energy you can save by recycling an aluminum can. One aluminum can be enough to power an entire album of music on your iPod. This means that you don't need to worry about lighting your room for more than 2 weeks if you recycle 100 cans.

2. Over 2 Million sea creatures are killed by plastic bags that have not been recycled

The worst way to manage waste is to dump it all in the ocean. Even though you may think it won't harm anyone, plastic bags kill more than 2 million sea animals every year. Similar adverse effects can be seen when other non-biodegradable materials are dumped. Not so interesting right?

3. What happens if we begin to recycle trash?

An estimate states that 60% of trash in the trash isn't recycled. What would happen if recycling became a daily practice? We would help the country and reduce the likelihood of an electricity crisis in our homes and offices. This will directly affect the price of electricity, and people in the UK will soon enjoy lower electricity costs.