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Basic Structure Of Access Control Systems In Sydney

Access control systems are mechanically and/or electronically controlled security systems programmed to let gates and barriers allow or deny access to users, under a predetermined set of rules.

This set of policies may include who can access the system, when access can be granted, where access can be granted, and other similar rules. You can get the services of best access control systems in Sydney.

In general, an access control system is a logical gate through which input is passed to a controller or processor which processes the input and then returns two possible outputs.

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When requesting access through a barrier, a certain type of input is required. This can be as simple as pushing a door or inserting a key and turning the key or other forms of access such as placing a turnstile token, inserting a magnetic ticket, or sliding an RFID card. Some management systems require a biometric reading (i.e. fingerprint or retina scan), a combination of two or more methods.

Responsible / processor

The system processing unit analyzes the input and then checks it against predefined rules or access rights. This determines the type of access to be granted to the application (e.g. security level, accessible parts of the secure facility, duration of access, etc.).

After a YES/NO decision (other solutions are possible, such as yes-if, no-if, if-and-only-if, etc.) the controller transfers its logic to the output system.


The output part of the system requires the controller to decide – to allow access or not. The exit can be in the form of unlocking, turning the revolving door, removing the barrier or closing the gate, sounding the alarm, etc.