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Theatre Is A Sacred Space For Actors

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Find the Best Supplements For Reducing Stress

With all the demands that modern society puts on us it is not surprising that many of us feel stressed out. Everyone undergoes periods of stress from time to time, it's normal. This becomes a problem when the occasional stress period becomes chronic. Stress on prolonged periods can exhaust our body of vitamins and essential nutrients. This opens us up to illness and disease by impairing our immune systems. We have compiled a list of the best supplements that can help reduce stress and avoid the problems associated with it.

Vitamin C

Many associate vitamin C with the prevention of colds and flu. This is not the only function that this vitamin provides us. It helps strengthen our immune system. This allows us to fight the disease and disease that stress may create. It is also necessary for the production of collagen that we use to build tissue and healthy bones.


Oxygen is transported throughout our body with red blood cells and iron is essential for the formation of these cells. This provides us with energy and vitality. When you are lacking iron oxygen is not distributed where it is needed and you will experience a feeling of exhaustion. Women have higher iron requirements than men. It is recommended to receive 15 mg per day where men should have 9 mg. Duty a lot of iron can damage vital organs so that it is recommended to consult your doctor.