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Child Custody

Everything You Need To Know About Child Custody

Legally, child custody or guardianship is a term that can be used to describe the relationship between the parent and their child, for example, the parent's right to make decisions on behalf of the child, and also the parental obligation to look after the child. You can visit to know about child custody case law online.

Child custody with respect to Indian laws - iPleaders

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Child custody is a legal phrase used in family law courts to refer to the legal guardianship of a child under the age of eighteen. In divorce or annulment of marriage proceedings, the child custody issue often is left to the court to decide.

In the majority of instances, the parents have legal custody, however one parent gets physical custody. Family law courts typically make decisions based upon the interests of children or the parents, and not always based on the most persuasive arguments of the parents.

The parents have legal custody of their children until the child reaches an age limit of 18, or is legally fully emancipated. Legal custody implies that one parent has the power to make decisions that impact the well-being of the child including religious practices, medical treatment as well as and insurance claims. 

Both fathers and mothers have an important role to play in assisting the development and growth of their kids. Child custody is now being granted to the parent within mind what is in the best interest of their child.