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Theatre Is A Sacred Space For Actors

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Health Care

The Future Of Health Care

The new technology is challenging the traditional boundaries of health care. The health and life sciences industry is at the edge of massive disruption. In the future of health care that's determined by the interoperability of data, secure and open platforms, and consumer-driven healthcare, what role will you be playing?

How do you think the health and tech companies will develop?

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In 2020, venture financing for health tech innovators surpassed an all-time high of 14 billion dollars. However, is this the start of a boom or is it a bubble? Join us for a discussion of the latest trends, opportunities, and forecasts for the 2021 health tech market, and beyond.

COVID-19 has demonstrated the extent to which the health sector is to change, and its necessity for technological and structural transformation. In the future in health care, we can expect six areas of focus–data sharing, interoperability, and equitable access, empowered customers, changes in behavior, and scientific breakthroughs to collectively transform the current health system, moving away from reactive health care to preventative and wellbeing.  

Discover the possibilities of what the future of health could be like, a radical transformation that is driven by new business models, advancing technologies, and extremely involved consumers.

The most important aspect to make this choice is understanding how these archetypes work together to create a cohesive strategy and the innovative business models that are required to be successful shortly.