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Theatre Is A Sacred Space For Actors

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high quality cctv

How to make sure your CCTV system is high quality?

CCTV systems are often deployed in public spaces like airports, railway stations and shopping malls where the footage can be used to monitor security incidents or crime scenes.Here are some tips on how to make sure your CCTV system is high quality: 

1. Choose the right camera type. A good way to start off your search for a high quality CCTV camera is to decide on the type of camera you need. There are three main types of cameras: CCD, CMOS and DVRs. CCD cameras are inferior to CMOS cameras because they produce poorer quality images. 

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2. Choose a good quality monitor. There are various qualities of monitors available on the market today, including LCD monitors and CRT monitors. LCD screens are cheaper than CRTs but they cannot display as much detail.

Different types of lenses

There are different types of lenses on CCTV cameras that can help you capture more detail and distinguish between criminals and innocent bystanders. 

One type of lens is a wide-angle lens. A wide-angle lens captures more of the scene, including details near the camera. This type of lens is good for capturing a large area, such as a warehouse or store. 

A second type of lens is a zoom lens. A zoom lens lets you zoom in on specific areas of the scene. This can be helpful when you want to see if someone is entering your building.

A third type of lens is a long focal length lens. A long focal length lens captures distant objects better than other lenses.