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Do I Need To Buy an iPad For Work?

The iPad is undeniably a versatile computing system. Since its introduction, we have made the iPad a central part of our workflow, traveling with it across 3 continents for industry, holding face-to-face meetings, taking meeting notes, and even writing presentations with it. 

The verdict-it's a strong business method, depending on the particular position and style of operation. You can get redirected here if you are looking for a place to buy iPads in bulk for business. 

How To Use Your iPad For Work: Productivity Tips - Macworld UK

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This article will help you determine the worth of an iPad for you. Read each of the Ten Decision Criteria below and decide whether or not the iPad is right for you. 

1. It is impossible to print the same content for each client conference. 

» Most sales staff spend precious time copying fresh content for a visit to the customer. The iPad lets you step away from paper and exchange information on the "virtual" pages of your iPad.

2. I have clients/prospects who prefer electronic/pdf records over physical originals. 

» Your clients can throw away all of your printed documents after and meeting or are eager to file your materials where they can scan them online. 

3. I'm out of the office a lot, and I don't already have a laptop. 

» When you're at your desk all day, the iPad has a small range of scenarios to use. Individuals with regular in-person interactions can benefit more from the iPad presentation, email and comparison functionality.