The Benefits And Medical Uses Of Botox

Botox is a billion-dollar company for its maker, Allergan Pharmaceuticals. The advantages of Botox are evident when treating migraines, wrinkles, or excessive sweating. Botox injections can aid men with an overly large prostate and also those suffering from arthritis.

Botox, as it is known, is made of botulism toxin. It is an amino acid. Botox is a protein. The Food and Drug Administration approved botulinum type A for treating eye spasms as well as crossed eyes in 1989. Botox received approval in the year 2002 to treat frown lines. You can also search online for the best botox in Torrance CA.

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The advantages that come from Botox for cosmetic treatment aid in reducing wrinkles, without surgical intervention. Botox's other cosmetic benefits include the removal of your lower lid, the nasal fold, under the lower lip, as well as the vertical line that runs across the lip area of wrinkles.

The benefits of Botox also include alleviation from migraines. Botox injections can relieve migraine-related pain however, the precise way in which the procedure works isn't known.

The procedure is believed to help treat migraines by delaying the nerves which send signals for the pain to the brain.

Recent research has revealed many positive effects of Botox when it comes to managing arthritis pain. A majority of those who participated during these trials have stated that Botox has been able to reduce pain and improve their function.