The Convenient Wireless Charger Arrives In Your Furniture

Wireless charging is easy and convenient. Wireless charging doesn't require adapters or cables. This cutting-edge technology is now accessible in every area of life, even cars. Imagine that every surface of your home could be used as a charging station for your smartphone. You can charge your smartphone with the help of an innovative invisible wireless charger from the furniture.

Invisible is a wireless charging device that can be integrated into furniture such as tables, desks, bedsides, and work desks. Just place your smartphone close to the pad and the charging process will immediately begin.

This solution is ideal for restaurants, hotels, and offices that wish to set up a wireless charging station. This keeps the surface clean and tidy without adding clutter.

With the Qi wireless charging pad, manufacturers have the opportunity to take your furniture to new heights in efficiency and functionality.

To install Invisible, simply drill a hole of 80mm into the table. You can then install the wireless charger seamlessly into your furniture. The furniture will be delivered to you ready for customers to charge.

If you work in the hospitality industry, then iIt can be used to create invisible furniture or it can be integrated into existing furniture.

If you work in hospitality, this technology can be seamlessly integrated into your hotel rooms and bar tables. Either hire a professional to do it or you can do it yourself. This project does not require any special skills or tools.