The importance of special needs planning in Arizona

In Arizona, estate planning is especially important for children with special needs. It provides extra protection to your child. Planning for special needs can help you feel confident and secure about your child's future. Many families delay planning for special needs because they find it overwhelming and confusing. It isn't as hard as you think and it will ensure that your child with special needs receives the best care possible, even if you are unable to provide it yourself.

In Arizona, a special needs trust is one common tool in special needs planning. A special needs trust's purpose is to safeguard inherited assets and ensure that beneficiaries are eligible for government benefits that meet their needs. For more information on special needs trust visit A distribution made to a beneficiary with special needs could result in the loss of benefits, which can be very tragic. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will continue to be eligible for the benefits they need while still enjoying a better quality of life.

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Both of these roles should be considered when planning. Who will be your guardian for minor children or your child with special needs? Who will be the trustee responsible for overseeing the investment, administration, and distribution of special needs trust assets? You will need to consider all options and your choices. Each individual plays a different role.

You must plan for the future by considering the type of life your child will have if you are no more able to care for them. An experienced attorney should be able to help you with special needs planning. This is an area of planning that should not be attempted by anyone on their own.