The New NordicTrack S27i Has A Massive 27 Inch Tablet

The brand new NordicTrack S27i is the first indoor exercise bike to feature a massive 27 inch rotating touchscreen. Until now, the largest tablet attached to a stationary bike is the 24” screen found on the Peloton Bike Plus, which is a sufficient size display. In addition to the massive tablet attached to the NordicTrack S27i, this new model bike also has gas shock lift assist handlebars. This makes a lot of sense because even the s22i had a heavy tablet, this this was 5 inches smaller. It can be expected that the new NordicTrack s27i will have a much heavier tablet, which could make it difficult to raise and lower the handlebars without some assistance.

The gargantuan 27” display on the 2022 NordicTrack S27i is the most obvious upgrade over other models offered by the company, but there may be more features that make this bike a good choice. All of the new 2022 bikes offered by NordicTrack have received a face lift in one way or another. Aside from subtle cosmetic changes, the new NordicTrack S27i has an improved sound system. The speakers are now facing forward on the new bikes, and have a power rating of 30 watts.

The price is expected to be slightly more than the s22i, as expected. If you're interested in learning more about this new indoor cycling bike you can read a full NordicTrack S27i review on the official TailHappyTV website.