The Power Of The Video Testimonial

Big budget businesses are taking advantage of the successful video marketing brings for their business. From the research studies, the analysis, and the statistics, embedding a sales video in a products page has been proven to increase conversion rates by up to 160%. 

For most e-commerce stores the sales video has improved conversion rates around 20-30%. These figures are precisely why the sales video is such an important part of your sales & marketing campaigns. But what if you're one of the many online merchants who can't afford to purchase a product demo?

A video testimonial is your answer. It shows you the statistics as to why the video testimonial alone can boost your conversions just like a sales video. You can get the best video testimonial service via Remote Video Production.

Patient Video Testimonial - Sleep Marketing from My Dental Agency

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  • Consumers trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to 72% of respondents.
  • If a local business has positive evaluations, 52 percent of customers are more likely to use it.
  • Consumer reviews are roughly 12 times more trustworthy than manufacturer descriptions.

The video testimonial is a cheaper and more influential sales video than this big-budgeted product demo's simply because as most customers are watching the sales video they have it in their thoughts that this review is coming from the very people who are trying to sell it to you, however, the video testimonial is coming from an unbiased, satisfied customer. 

Many consumers want to hear or read the feedback from those who have purchased your product or your service.