The Truth Behind Who Invented Afternoon Tea

In the first place, what made tea drinking so widespread in England? It's possible to be amazed by the fact that the country of Portugal is the most responsible. In the 1660's the time that Charles II married Catherine of Braganza the Portuguese Infanta and tea were brought to her as a part of the ceremony of dowry. 

In contrast to today, tea was scarce and expensive, as well as taxed at a high rate as a luxury item that only the elite and royals could pay for. Through Catherine's influence tea was made the official beverage of the court in England.

While the English elite had become used to tea drinking in the 1660s but it wasn't until after (1841) that the elaborate tradition of having "Afternoon Tea" came into the picture. You can also search online afternoon tea deals in Dubai via the web. 

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The idea was well-received quickly, and soon it was a regular practice. The Duchess of Cambridge decided to invite a handful of members of the elite to her private areas to join in the tea-and-light snack event. 

In the end, a new social occasion was arranged with invited guests to be able to mingle with their fellow guests, discuss current news and talk about the latest happenings, and more. 

It was important to note that the event was held in the lady's private quarters such as her parlor, retreating room, or boudoir, and be served at tables with ornate, low tables. This was why the event was called "low" tea.