Tips to Shape Your Eyebrow to Look Stunning

Eyebrow shaping can seem like a luxury for the hopelessly vain. It's actually a beauty trick. A woman's brows will look polished and neat if they are regularly maintained. 

First, grooming the brows of a woman is important. Next, make sure they are shaped properly. You can check on online portals to know more related to the benefits of eyebrow tinting at

Here are some tips:

1. Clear mascara-brow set and tinted eyebrow groomer are better options if you have thick, full brows. To help your brows stay in their place, you can use an old toothbrush with some hairspray.

2. Brown eyeshadow looks natural and is easier to use as an eyebrow filler. If you have fair skin, choose a taupe shade or a blonde one. For darker skin tones, choose medium to dark brown. Use soft strokes with a stiff, slant edge brush to apply the brows.

3. Fill in any bald spots with a pencil, using broken movements to create a natural effect. Then, use a stiff brush to apply shadow with a stiff brush. You can make your grooming routine even more simple by adding mascara, pencils, and brushes to your kit.

4. If your brows were tattooed too early and gravity has taken its toll, you can tweeze the lines by using a pencil or powder one shade lighter than your hair color to cover the tattoo.