Where to Locate Private Money Lenders in Los Angeles

Private cash loans are a great investment vehicle for anyone looking to invest in real estate who finds traditional loans unaffordable or not the best option. 

Here is some advice on where to find the right private money lender in Los Angeles:

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Who are the private creditors?

Personal money lenders are usually individuals, hedge funds, institutional investors, portfolio lenders, real estate agents, REO agents (the bank's own), or even family members or friends you may know personally. 

Individual investors care more about your equity than your loans. If you own a property that you can prove has equity and a strategy for paying it off, you should have no trouble finding a private lender to help you.

Why use a coin lender?

In the tight financial markets we are experiencing today, it may make more sense to seek private investors. Why pass up an investment opportunity because you can't get traditional financing.

Loans with personal money or hard money are usually short-term loans. Investors like this type of loan because they usually want some quick cash to invest in profitable investment opportunities, such as home equity investments. 

Personal transactions, unlike commercial transactions, are not regulated by state or federal laws. In this way, private money lenders can offer you a faster solution. 

Register and Prepare Funding

A good tip when working with private lenders is to always make a list so that when you find a property you can contact your private lender immediately. So you don't have to worry about financing and can concentrate on negotiating contracts.