Applicant Onboarding – The New Staffing Challenge

Gathering information about candidates has never been more important or relevant. Recruitment agencies are already outside the "information age". Currently, the world of employees is filled with email, social media, and electronic communication via websites. 

Branding has never been more important and learns this here now. The gate is open whether the company wants to participate or not. With this in mind, no recruitment company can afford not to fully join the electronic applicant.

Filling out the main application and uploading a resume from a website is old news. The formal online inclusion process is a new challenge for private companies. Creating such a function requires good planning and strategic execution. 

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It's not about candidates filling in several fields with information and then uploading their resumes. The candidates on the board have taken an entirely new course. 

The essence of being online is more than just a candidate filling out a few fields on a web form and then uploading their resume. This usually results in an email being sent to employees and having to manually enter details and upload a resume. Online uploads are different. 

The complete application for inclusion includes corporate branding and marketing, detailed information gathering, and an online form with an electronic signature. This can include the integration of background testing and verification. All of this somehow attacks your employee software. It should be a smooth process.