Dead Sea Salt for Psoriasis

Dead Sea salt is a term used for natural salt produced by the saline water of the Dead Sea located in Israel. This sea contains one of the highest concentrations of salt on the planet. As it is natural, there is no need to purchase this salt from any source and is much cheaper. It has been said that it is the cheapest form of salt available.

There are about two tablespoons of fine and larger crystal salts added to every one-tenth pound of seawater. Dead Sea salt belongs to Naples seas and was excavated by the Italian scientist archaeologist Psellos in the ancient times. He excavated the region which is now known as the Dead Sea and found two thousand years old vessels with fine gold jewelry in them. These vessels were not only made of metal but also of wood.

Psoriasis is one of the most common skin ailments found among people who have been suffering from psoriasis for many years. Using the Dead Sea salt is beneficial for treating psoriasis because of its properties of good skin penetration. Other substances added to the bath salt can be used like Epsom salt, crushed garlic, rose water, lavender and aloe Vera.

When using Dead Sea salt as a medium for massages, it is very effective against muscles spasms, cramps and inflammation. Massaging with a teaspoonful of Dead Sea salt applied over the affected muscles gives immediate relief from pain. Besides easing muscle tension, this method also helps in improving blood circulation and removing toxins.

Dead Sea salt has a high mineral content and increases blood flow to the entire body. Blood in the body is the main source of energy after the air and water. It also helps in maintaining the normal levels of salt in the blood. The mineral content of Dead Sea salt is more than 90%. It has more sodium and chloride minerals than table salt.

When using Dead Sea salt for therapeutic properties, two different effects can be experienced. First is that as a topical agent it can improve the condition of the skin by penetrating deep into the skin and bringing in the required minerals and nutrients. As a result of the penetration of these minerals into the skin cells, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and skin discolorations are reduced or completely removed. On the other hand, when using this salt for therapeutic purposes as a remedy for various health problems, the skin pores get opened up and the harmful elements like toxins and bacteria are eliminated from the body. It also results in increased metabolic rate and better digestion and absorption of minerals and nutrients.

Benefits for psoriasis are multiple and holistic. Using the Dead Sea salt for healing psoriasis will treat the infection of the skin cells and cure psoriasis. It will also relieve the pain caused by psoriasis by reducing the swelling of the tissues. The water taken from the Dead Sea will help to maintain the skin cells in a healthy state.

Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that results due to excessive production of skin cells and inflammation. Using the Dead Sea salt for psoriasis will help to treat this disorder by providing the necessary nourishment to the skin cells, as well as removing the free radicals from the system. It has numerous therapeutic properties and is used for treating numerous other health problems including joint pain and stress, as well as fatigue, ulcers, arthritis and skin dehydration. The Dead Sea salt is extremely useful for treating dry skin as well. If you suffer from dry skin, then use the Dead Sea salt with a sunscreen to keep your skin hydrated. This will help to prevent the further loss of water from the skin.