Different Types of Technical Skills

Technical skill is the ability to use technology in a responsible, effective, and timely manner. It includes having the knowledge and skills to use software, hardware, and other digital tools efficiently. A person with technical skills can also troubleshoot problems, create and maintain documents and websites, and develop innovative ideas.

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There are four different types of tech skills:

1. Computer Skills:

These include things like using Microsoft Word or Excel, being able to navigate the Internet, and knowing how to use basic software programs.

2. Technical Writing Skills:

If you have any experience writing technical documentation or articles, this is an important skill to have. It can help you find a job in software development, software engineering, or even as a system administrator.

3. Database Management Skills:

This includes things like knowing how to create and use tables in a database, setting up indexes, and working with multidimensional data structures. It's often used in positions that involve working with large amounts of data.

4. Networking Skills:

This encompasses everything from knowing how to set up a home network to be able to work with routers and switches. It's often needed in positions that involve working with computers on a network or using systems outside of the home.