How Good Grammar Makes Self-Published Books Selling

Dictionary published an interesting article entitled "Does Grammar Matter at Work?" A CEO of an organization wrote the article "I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar" for Harvard Business Review. He stated, "I have found that people who make fewer errors on a grammar exam also make fewer errors when they do something totally unrelated to writing, such as stocking shelves or labeling pieces.

Grammar is more important in writing jobs than it is in other jobs like a factory line worker. However, grammar does not have to do with attention to detail. As a book critic, I've seen many books with poor grammar. Many of these books lack any attention to detail. So, if you are planning to publish a book pursue an online self publishing training on and get useful tips to make your self-published book stand out.

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There are many aspiring authors in the world today, and more than a million books published each year. A well-written book, with correct grammar and proofreading, will make an author stand out among the rest. Bad grammar can exist even among authors.

Because publishers can correct grammar and spelling errors, traditionally published books are more reliable than self-published ones. However, not all editors and authors are of the same caliber. Many self-published authors are smart enough to get their books edited and proofread in order to avoid mistakes.