Role Of The Social Work Organizations In The Lives Of Elderly

This is when that the Social Work Organizations prove to be of huge support to the senior citizens. The fundamental aim of an NGO is to provide basic support to the people especially the senior citizens in need. You can support an organization to help needy people via

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Looking at the various assistance provided by the NGOs to the elderly

Elder Health Care– Health care support is one of the most important aids for the elderly because people of older age is much likely to have a weaker immune system and are much likely to be caught up in chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes mellitus, lipid disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, etc.

The NGOs provide all the necessary treatment to the elders. Some NGOs even provide health care to elders who want to receive it in the comfort of their own homes.

Providing Shelter– Elders who have been abandoned by their families are often forced to beg and stay on the streets. The NGOs try to rescue all the senior citizens living under such conditions and provide them with a shelter where they are given all the necessary care they require.

Proper Meals– The NGOs take special care of the meals of the elderly. Providing an adequate amount of food is their prime concern. Some NGOs even go to the elderly and provide groceries and other food items to the poor elderly people.

NGOs or try not only to provide the elders with better living conditions but also aim at creating an environment where they feel free, happy, and comfortable. They even get to participate in various activities like music, various physical exercises, art, games, and many more.