Stink Bug Control Methods

There are not many practical methods to control stink bugs, despite the recent stink bug crisis. Control methods are limited to spraying each bug with toxic chemicals or using a small amount of dish soap. Although these bugs may seem harmless, they can cause serious damage to crops and drive people away from their homes.

Nearly every living creature on the planet has been controlled by humans. What makes this bug different? These stink bugs have developed a hard defense against the elements on their backs. This defense is insurmountable by common organic sprays. Although some toxic insecticides have been effective, homeowners still resort to chemical sprays as an option.

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These bugs can be relieved by hot pepper sprays. The hard protective shell seems to be broken by red hot pepper. These bugs will not die instantly, but they will die within a few hours. These products repel insects better than any organic product.

A hot pepper spray can be made at home. It is important to extract the essential oils of hot peppers and then suspend them in a solution. This could involve boiling the peppers, straining them, and adding emulsifiers.

It is not yet possible to develop chemical treatments for controlling stink bugs. These bugs will not disappear anytime soon. These bugs are not controlled by natural predators.