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Scheduling A Six Week Ultrasound

Your first ultrasound of your unborn baby will likely take about seven weeks. The seven-week ultrasound is exciting as you will most likely get the first glimpse of your unborn baby. 

If you've known your pregnancy so far, then you're probably already at the doctor waiting for your first ultrasound. You can also check for the best 6 week ultrasound pictures via the web.

6 Week Ultrasound

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There's a lot you can expect from this ultrasound, but some things shouldn't be expected. You don't have to hope to find out the gender of your baby anymore because that can't be done. You may only see a small dot on the screen that is darker than the rest of the screen.

You should be able to see your heart rate, which is one of the most exciting things about the first seven-week ultrasound.

This means that they are using an ultrasound machine that is placed inside you, not outside your stomach. This will help them get a better picture of the baby.

Before you have an ultrasound, you should take the time to drink plenty of water and have a full bladder. It is also an important part of a good image. Take the time to get the most out of your seven-week ultrasound to get the best images.

Since the six-week ultrasound will likely be the first picture you take of your unborn baby, be sure to include a copy in your baby's book.