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2 Ways To Test Your Batteries To See If it needs to be replace

We all know how difficult it can be when your car batteries stop you in the middle of the road. Testing your battery to see if it needs to replace requires some skills but I will reveal some of the EZ Battery reconditioning guides that you will be able to use to check your battery’s life.

How to test your battery?

Before you test the battery, be sure to have the following safety equipment and available: Gloves and goggles

  • Step 1:Use A Digital voltmeter

The first step when checking your battery’s life is to use what call a digital voltmeter. With the use of a voltmeter, you will be able to get a clearing reading of your battery’s status.

  • Step 2: Connect the digital meter to the battery

When you are connecting the device be sure to connect the negative in the black and the positive in the red color. If you do it differently you will not be able to get any reading. Finally, once you have your reading check to see if it is above 12 Volt anything below that is a negative sign your battery might need to be changed.

It is always recommended to have safety equipment when touching your battery. Be sure to have goggles and gloves available before doing anything else