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Easy To Use Self-Tanning Lotion

When it comes to sunless tanning, lotions and sprays are more commonly used. The self-tanning lotions are easier to handle and use among these two.

Steps In Using Self Tanning Lotion

The steps involved for obtaining a marvelous tan quick and easy using self-tanning lotions can be depicted as below.

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1. Purchase a trustworthy and safe product that has been in the market awhile at least and that is from a reputed company. Read the instructions thoroughly.

2. Purchase good exfoliation solutions and moisturizers. These may come along with the tanning lotion or can be purchased separately.

3. Exfoliate the body thoroughly. This is done to make the body free of dead skin cells.

4. Apply the lotion evenly on all parts of the skin where you want to be tanned. Make sure to be careful while applying on the face. Getting the product into the eyes could cause damage. Also, apply the tanner in lesser concentration around the face area as the skin there gets darker faster than the rest of the body.

5. Once the lotion is spread, wait for a few hours or overnight as suggested on the product usage guidelines. Do not wash off the product. The product is meant to be absorbed into the skin and give it a tanned look.

6. Apply moisturizer thoroughly after the tanning process is completed. This will help keep the skin smooth and soft.