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Solar power

How Solar Power Is Boosting Sri Lanka

Sunlight can be converted into solar energy using a solar panel or photovoltaic panel. That is why the industry of renewable energy has been steadily growing in recent years. However, renewable energy sources need space for installation, and there are limited areas where they can be used due to land constraints. 

Solar Power is changing that by assisting rural electrification and usage of affordable solar technology in Sri Lanka. To understand more about solar power, you can navigate to this site –

Has the use of solar energy been successful in Sri Lanka?

Solar power has been a big success in Sri Lanka because of the abundant sunlight and the country's limited resources. The government has invested in renewable energy and is encouraging the use of solar power. Solar panels have been installed on government buildings, schools, churches, and homes, creating jobs and providing clean energy. The solar energy industry is growing rapidly, with more than 1,000 jobs being created so far.

How has the use of solar power changed over time?

1. Solar panels are affordable. The average cost of installing solar panels has dropped by more than 50% since 2010, making it an affordable option for businesses and individuals alike.

2. Solar panels are reliable. Solar panels generate energy day and night, regardless of the weather, which makes them a more reliable option than other forms of renewable energy like wind or hydroelectricity.

3. Solar panels are environment-friendly. Solar panels produce no emissions, which makes them a more environmentally friendly option than other forms of energy generation like coal or oil.

4. Solar power is growing in popularity worldwide. Governments are looking for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly options to power their countries, and solar power is becoming increasingly popular around the world as a result.

Why Would You Want to Invest in Solar Power In Sri Lanka?

You've probably heard a lot in the media about the growing popularity of upgraded solar panels in homes and new homes being designed and built with solar technology in mind. There are many reasons, people turn to solar power in Sri Lanka, both for environmental and economic reasons. Why do people use solar energy? There are many good reasons.

One of the main reasons why solar power is becoming more and more popular is its environmental friendliness. When generating electricity from the domestic solar system, no pollutants such as carbon dioxide are released. Increasing dependence on solar power means reducing dependence on fossil fuels as a nation and reducing dependence on traditional electric utilities for individuals.

How China's Solar Industry Is Set Up To Be The New Green OPEC

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Another good reason to use solar energy is to power your home, which will drastically reduce your bill from local utilities. Some people can eliminate their electricity bill, at least in some cases. Many people who install homes with solar panels use financing to pay for them. 

While solar loan payments remain, electricity rates continue to rise. Many people who finance home solar energy systems have made a net profit from the start. This means your electricity bill will drop by more than the monthly rate for the solar system. Some people save up to 80% on their monthly electricity bills.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of solar energy is that it is not talked about much. Solar panels are more efficient than energy from other sources.