Used Pallet Equipment – Everything You Need to Know

In woodworking, the term pallet equipment refers to a variety of mechanized and non-mechanized tools and machines that are associated with the production, transportation, and storage of wooden pallets.

For example, automated nailing machines, forklifts, manual pallet transports, shrink wrapping machines, and metal storage racking can all be considered pallet equipment.

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In most cases, companies buy pallet equipment based on one of two scenarios: the production of pallets or the preparation of pallets for shipping, with the former resulting in the purchase of nailing machines, forklifts, and lighter duty storage racking, and the latter resulting in the purchase of forklifts, shrink wrapping machines, manual pallet transports and heavier-duty storage racking that can accommodate the weight of loaded pallets.

Although pallet making is not commonly thought of as woodworking, there are many woodworking companies that focus exclusively on wooden pallet production, which can be especially lucrative considering that thousands of pallets can be produced in an eight-hour shift and only a few machines are required to produce them.

Most companies that focus on wooden pallet production operate nailing machines whose size alone necessitates a warehouse-style workspace.

Is it Sensible to Buy Used Pallet Equipment?

Unlike many woodworking machines, pallet equipment is not especially sensitive to the wear and tear that comes with industrial-level woodworking production, with forklifts being an exception.

Manual pallet transports and storage racking are essentially indestructible and shrink wrapping machines and nailing machines perform simple functions using easily accessible mechanics that are easy to maintain. With most industrial woodworking machines, the accumulation of wood dust and grime is a major maintenance concern.