Essential 2 Tips To Avoid Clogged Drains

Stop Dumping It

Are you even aware that many homeowners are responsible for causing the clogging of their drains? How many times have you poured down grease or disposed of grout or cement compound down the drain?

All of these things do not belong down the drain and, therefore, should not be dumped there. Pouring down grease will cause it to form a blockage once it cools down. The worse part of it is that it hardens and gets stuck in the pipe, causing a significant problem. However, you can get rid of all these kinds of problems by hiring a professional for clogged drain via

This is why it is essential to dispose of these types of materials properly and not allow them to enter the drain system. For grease, keep a jar in your kitchen where you can conveniently pour it in before even washing it off the dishes. 

Make sure to wipe away any remaining grease before you wash it over the sink. For grout and cement compounds, please rinse them in water and allow the material to solidify before disposing of the sludge in the garbage bin.

Catch It

In the bathtub or shower, two of the most common culprits of clogged drains are hair and soap scum. When they combine in the drain, you can be almost sure that you are headed for trouble. The problem with hair is that it does not dissolve quickly, and soap scum has a tendency to cling to the inner lining of the pipes.

So what should you do? The most comfortable and most convenient solution is to catch it before it gets into the drain. How would you do that? Buy a drain strain or install a mesh screen over the drain so that clogging problems can be minimized. Just make sure that you keep the drain or filter clean regularly to keep it productive.